How to Get Involved with LetUsVote

If you're wondering what you can do to support LetUsVote and where you can follow the movement, this is your one-stop shop.

Hey there! If you ended up on this page, it's because you're stoked about LetUsVote, and you're curious how you can get involved. If that doesn't describe you, I'd recommend spending your next 3-5 minutes elsewhere on the internet.

Still here? Great.

LetUsVote is a community by independent voters, for independent voters. There are a million ways to get involved and almost as many social channels to follow, so we'll cover each and every one of them here.

Participating in the Community
  • Sign the Petition: If you haven't already, make sure you sign the #LetUsVote petition. That's our flagship - it's THE primary way to get involved, and it helps us show strength in numbers, as well as build the community across the country.
  • Share Your Story: The world seems to forget that independents are people too - individuals, with tons of different ideas, but united by core principles and a belief in the American experiment. We'd love to hear your story. Why are you an independent? What does that mean to you? Answer all that and more over here. We regularly share these stories - both written and video - in our story center and across social media. Think Humans of New York, but for independents.
  • Your Dashboard: I highly recommend bookmarking Your Dashboard. It's where you can earn badges, download flyers, join the community Slack channel, fundraise, host and attend events, and do all kinds of other things to support the community. It's always changing and it's the central HQ for all things community organizing here. Check out Your Dashboard here.
  • Sign Up to Volunteer: If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of organizing community in your neck of the woods, this is the option for you. Sign up to volunteer and be sure to leave your phone number - we'll give you a call within 48 hours to ask you how you'd like to be involved, and deck you out with all the resources we've got.
  • Rep Social Swag: Want to rep LetUsVote on social media? This might come as a surprise, but we're pretty big fans of that, so we've created a few frames for you to choose from to show your support of the movement. Pick your favorite and add it to your social media avatar on your platform of choice.
  • Join the Slack Channel: We have a public Slack channel for independent voters to connect, make friends, and organize around the issues you care most about. Be sure to join!
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