We Are Independent Voters. #LetUsVote

Independent voters have never had a community to call their own. Today, it's arrived.

Welcome to LetUsVote, the home for independent voters. Just like you, we're sick and tired of being treated like second class citizens while the two major parties struggle for power and leave the future of our country in the dark. Look, independents are young and old, black and white, conservative, progressive, and every other political identity under the sun. We look like America because we are America.

But independent voter are left without the right to vote in a huge number of primaries. We can't even be poll watchers on general election day in most states.

So we decided to do something about it. LetUsVote is the home for independents to connect, bond and work together. We're building a community to share the real, human stories of independent voters from across the country. Yes, of course: LetUsVote is about the right to vote in primaries. But it's also about the shared connection and community for independents across the country who feel alone and isolated while the screaming match of American politics buzzes overhead.

This work is hard. After all, how are you supposed to organize a group of people who share only their independence in common? But independents are the largest group of voters in the country. And we agree on one core American value: every voter should be treated equally. That's a pretty good place to start.

Right now, there are two easy things you can do to get involved in the community. Firstly, make sure you sign the #LetUsVote petition. That's the big one - that's our flagship. Sign the petition to help us show strength in numbers. Secondly, share your own story. Why are you an independent? What matters most to you? We want to know. Click right here to share your journey to independence.

For a full itinerary of every single thing you can do to get involved, click here.

Thank you for being an independent, and thank you for spending time here with us at LetUsVote. it means the world.