Stories From Independent Voters: Pennsylvanians organize for the right to vote

Today's stories from independents include videos from David Cherry, James Esterson, and numerous independent voters from across Pennsylvania. If you'd like to share your own thoughts and be featured in a future Wednesday release, click here to share your story.

Earlier this week, I promised you a video of our trip to Pennsylvania to meet independent voters fighting for their right to vote.

I mean I promised I'd send it yesterday, but let's just pretend that I definitely said Thursday morning.

Anyway, it's here.

Today, we tell the stories of independent voters in Pennsylvania - normal folks who were under the impression that the right to vote isn't contingent on joining a private club. It is, they don't like it, and they want to change it.

We've also highlighted two other independent voters with fascinating takes on the weird and frustrating challenges facing independent voters. If you'd like to be featured in a future email to lots of independents talking about how great you are, hit the button below and share your story with us.

Let's get to it.

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Okay, first things first: let's see what independent voters in Pennsylvania have to say. Click below to watch:

Pennsylvania is at a tipping point. Some of the people in that video have been working on this issue for years. But 200 people - many of whom have never been involved in political organizing before - chanting "let us vote" in unison? That sent shivers down my spine: everyone thinks independent voters can't organize. If we do? Oh boy.

That's probably a good segue into reminding you we're looking for folks to join our leadership team. Click here if you'd like to chat about it.

Zooming out to the rest of the country, we have two more stories to share from our time in DC last week, this time featuring David Cherry and James Esterson.

David is a long-time civil rights leader living in Chicago, and he was gracious enough to sit down with us. James was a Democrat from a family of Democrats until very recently. Check it out:

David Cherry

David is a long-time civil rights leader living in Chicago. He believes that the parties picking and choosing who gets to vote in publicly-financed elections is akin to voter suppression.

James Esterson

James was a third-generation Democrat for over twenty years, but he decided to leave his party and become an independent. Watch him explain why he made the choice.

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Will Conway