Stories From Independent Voters: 75,000 forgotten in our nation's capital

Today's stories from independents include videos from Lisa Rice, Blanche McLeod and Kai Horneman. If you'd like to share your own thoughts and be featured in a future Wednesday release, click here to share your story.

Two weeks ago, I journeyed to Washington, DC. But this was no normal trip for a campaign director. I had no business in the Capitol; no meetings with lobbyists.

My business was lifelong DC residents - independent voters just like you, ignored by the suits on the Hill and sick and tired of being forgotten by democracy in the place that's supposed to be the heart of democracy.

They're standing up. They're bravely fighting back against the Democratic machine of DC city politics in a place where no one stands up to the Democratic machine. They put their faces on camera and they said, I want you to know who I am.

Today, I want to share three of their stories with you. But first, it'd mean the world if you shared your own story. Why are you an independent voter?

1 out of 6 residents of Washington, DC are independent voters. But these independents aren't allowed to vote in party primaries, and Washington DC has never had a competitive mayoral election in its entire history.

In the nation's capital, one in six voters aren't allowed a vote that matters because they refuse to join the establishment. If there's a better metaphor for the state of our politics, I'm not nearly poetic enough to find it.

I interviewed 15 activists for independent voting rights in DC. In the coming weeks, we'll be releasing these interviews across social media. Today, I want to introduce you to just of them. I promise you, they'll make your day.

These quick previews will inspire longer videos in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook):

  • Lisa Rice: Lisa Rice is a lifelong DC resident and leader of the independent voter movement. She tells the story of her journey to independence.
  • Blanche McLeod: Blanche has a mind of her own, and she hates being told what to think. So what does she think about legacy political parties? It shouldn't be a surprise.  
  • Kai Horneman: Kai feels terrible about not being able to vote in party primaries, even rising to the level of voter suppression.

These short clips should give you a wonderful preview of what's to come. More importantly, they should help you understand: you're not alone, and you're not crazy.

If you support what we're doing here at LetUsVote, please know that a any contribution - big or small helps us keep up the work of building a unique and totally new community for independent voters. It would mean the world if you can contribute.

Thank you for being you.


Will Conway