Report: The Rise of New York's Unaffiliated Voters

Topline: The share of unaffiliated voters in New York (roughly 3.1m) is greater than the total number of voters in 29 other states.

Common Cause released a new poll and corresponding report that breaks down the rise of independent voters in New York State. A few key takeaways:

  • One third of New York's independents live in New York City, despite the city's reputation as a Democratic stronghold.
  • Contrary to the myth that independent voters are disengaged from politics, unaffiliated voters report that they believe it’s their civic duty to vote and that they want to have a voice.
  • 68% indicated that they follow government and politics at least most of the time.
  • Most named their motivation for choosing to be unaffiliated as a "dislike partisanship/both parties."

We recommend reading the full report, entitled Independent State of Mind: The Rise of New York's Unaffiliated Voters.