Report: 27 Million Americans Denied Democracy in 2024

Topline: In 2024, 22 states will hold closed presidential primaries or caucuses, denying over 27 million voters not registered with a major party the right to participate fully in our democracy.

The Unite America Institute released a new report today, recognizing that a full 27 million voters will be denied the right fully to participate in our democracy in 2024. I highly recommend reading the full report. A few of the most notable insights:

  • In the states with closed presidential primaries, the share of voters like us - those not registered with a major party has increased by nearly 20% since 2010. That means more and more people are cut out from the elections that truly matter.
  • 82% of “Excluded Independents” want a say in the 2024 presidential primary, and nearly 3 out of 4 call their exclusion a “violation of voting rights.”
    • 87% support opening primaries to independent voters, and 81% support nonpartisan primaries — where all candidates, regardless of party, appear on one ballot.
    • 70% want leaders to find compromise to get things done rather than stick to principles.
  • “Excluded Independents” want a more substantive conversation on the issues, yet 71% view Republicans as too ideologically extreme and 67% say the same about Democrats. Both major parties are failing them.

This is exactly why LetUsVote exists: to build a community for the 27 million Americans denied access to our democracy. The truth is, independents aren't treated equally, in so many ways. That's not going to change unless we come together - as independents - to say loud and clear: listen to us, respect us, and Let Us Vote!