What We Believe

We believe independent voters should be treated equally.

Nearly half of all Americans - 43% - identify as political independents these days. We include 49% of all veterans. 52% of Hispanics. 52% of young people. 30% of African Americans. All kinds of people are running for the hills from the two parties. Conservatives, liberals, libertarians, socialists, and millions more who think ideological labels themselves are outdated are declaring their independence from the two-party system. This is real. It's happening. And how could we not leave the parties behind? The two parties are dividing Americans every day, and most of us can't stand it anymore.

Independents are ignored, dismissed and subject to second-class status in this country. We're constantly told that we don't exist, and we're even shut out from voting in the elections that impact our communities. 29 million Americans can't vote in the elections that impact their lives. Why? They're independent. We can't even signup as election-day workers in almost every state!

As more people become independents, there's a huge need to change how we do politics. Independents shouldn't be forced to change their identity to have a voice. We don't think that's right.

LetUsVote is just as diverse as the country, and yet we still agree on core American values: every voter should be treated equally.