Newsletter: 23.5 million independent voters are shut out in 2024

Did you know 23.5 million independent voters, just like you and me, will be excluded from elections in 2024? More insights about the injustices faced by independent voters in this week's addition of the LetUsVote Newsletter.

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Let's dive right in.

First on the list: the democracy reform group Unite America released a new report, Not Invited to the Party: Primary Elections in America. The findings are another clear indication that independent voters are treated like second class citizens across the country.

Key Findings:

  • You're Shut Out: Over 27 million Americans, including 23.5 million independent voters across the country, are locked out of participating in primary elections due to closed primary systems.
  • You're Not Alone: 43% of Americans now identify as independents. Compare that to record lows for Democrats and Republicans: 27% each.
  • You're Essential: Independent voters are essential to a healthy democracy and we're taxpaying citizens like every American. Unlike other Americans, we're excluded from the elections that we pay for. This is outrageous.

You can read the full report for more insights and solutions to these critical issues.

Elsewhere in the news, Jeremy Gruber of Open Primaries notes the threat of closed primaries is growing, advocates push for open primaries in Florida, and Joe Kirby adds to the growing chorus of voices advocating for independent voters in South Dakota. Have a look:

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Will Conway

Campaign Director - LetUsVote