More Americans Identify As Independents Than Ever

Topline: Gallup is out with a new poll, showing that independent voter identification is tied with its all-time high. Both major parties are dwindling.

Hey everyone! A new poll just landed from Gallup.

As of today, 43% of Americans identify as independents. Meanwhile, only 27% of Americans identify each as Republicans or Democrats. The number of people who consider themselves independents has been climbing for decades. Meanwhile, the number of Republicans and Democrats has been tailing off. This latest bump comes as the popularity of the Democratic Party has declined. By the numbers, the Democratic Party has been the largest party in the United States throughout modern history, but this 27% identification marks an all-time low according to Gallup's trend.

I highly recommend you read the full results, from Jeffrey Jones at Gallup. That article is available here.

Give it a read, and enjoy your weekend knowing that a huge number of Americans are just like you: frustrated with the two-party system, and ready for a new era.